10 Best Technologies of 2023 That will Change the Future

by Mehedi Masum
1 week ago

Best Technologies of 2023 trends enrich the digital world as the sound way. Massachusetts Institute of Technology magazine MIT Technology has released a story about ten technologies in 2023 that will revolutionize the world in the future. Forbes writes about it.

New technologies, which MIT specialists spoke about, will change not only the daily life of people, but also the way they communicate. For example, the Internet will become available to residents of remote cities, and medicine will be able to fight rare genetic diseases.

1. Mega-constellations of satellites

Best Technologies of 2023

The main goal of creating satellite mega-constellations is the desire of people to provide high-speed Internet access in all corners of the planet. The development and launch of such satellites engaged, for example, by Elon Musk’s Starlink company .

2. Pocket Artificial Intelligence

Best Technologies of 2023 Pocket Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technologies will become even more accessible to ordinary users in 2023. The smartphone will remain the main guide to the world of AI technologies, primarily due to smart applications.

3. Artificial intelligence in microbiology

Best Technologies of 2023  Artificial intelligence in microbiology

Artificial intelligence isn’t just use for entertainment. With its help, doctors and biologists create new drugs and antibiotics, thanks to which it becomes possible to treat rare diseases. The use of AI technologies in medicine is significantly reducing costs in the industry.

4. Quantum computers

Best Technologies of 2023 Quantum computers

Last fall, Google officially announced its “quantum supremacy”. However, the company admitted that while their technology is capable of performing only one calculation, and the use of quantum machines for solving ordinary problems remains in the distant future. But development continues and quantum reality is not far off.

5. Forecasting climate change

Best Technologies of 2023  Forecasting climate change

The increase in computing power has led to the fact that today humanity is better able to predict climate change and their consequences. These technologies will only develop. Over time, people will be able to better understand how to save the Earth and improve the ecological situation.

6. Anti-aging drugs

 Anti-aging drugs

Medicine today deals not only with the treatment of the main ” diseases of the century ” such as cancer and heart pathologies. Doctors are also working on anti-aging drugs and life-extension technologies. Already, many of them are being successfully test on humans.

7. Safe Internet

Safe Internet

The trend of the future is quantum networks. They are much more secure, and the information in them to better encrypted. So far, the quantum Internet remains the technology of the future, but developments in this area are being actively pursued today.

8. Digital money

Digital money

Digitalization of currencies will only develop. Already, a huge number of people almost (or not at all) do not use paper money. However, Banking technology allows instant transactions and guarantees greater privacy and security.

9. Hyperpersonalized medicine

Hyperpersonalized medicine

Medicines will adapt to the needs of each individual patient. This primarily concerns the treatment of rare genetic diseases. Hyper-personalized medicine will bring hope to many who suffer from incurable diseases.

10. Differential Privacy

Differential Privacy

Differential privacy will be used in 2023 during the US Census. Finally,this method allows you to collect a lot of information about specific people, but for specialists they will be impersonal. For example, sociologists will only be able to see the basic characteristics of a person: age, gender, etc. Best Technologies of 2023


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