10 Ways GPT-4 Is Outstanding But Still Defective

by Alexa
2 weeks ago

GPT-4 is a new version of the technology that powers artificial intelligence. The chatbot that took the tech industry by storm four months ago has improved over its predecessor. He is an expert in various fields and has surprised even doctors with his medical advice. He can describe pictures, and he is close to making funny jokes.

But the long-rumored new AI system, GPT-4, still has some quirks and makes some common mistakes that confused researchers when introducing ChatGPT.

And while it’s a good candidate, the system — from San Francisco startup OpenAI — can’t even match human intelligence. Here is a brief guide to GPT-4:

10 طرق GPT-4 معلقة ولكنها لا تزال معيبة

When Chris Nicholson, an AI expert, and partner at venture capital firm Page One Venture, used GPT-4 one recent afternoon, he told the bot he spoke English and didn’t know Spanish.

He wanted a curriculum that could teach him the basics, and the robot provided a detailed and well-structured curriculum. He even offered extensive strategies for learning and memorizing Spanish words (though not all of his advice hit the mark).

It has learned to be more precise – لقد تعلمت أن تكون أكثر دقة

#Firsly cheak if It can describe images with impressive detail.
#Then discover if It has added serious expertise.
#Moreover question It can give editors a run for their money.
#It is developing a sense of humor. Sort of.
#It can reason — up to a point.
#It can ace standardized tests.
#It is not good at discussing the future.
And it is still hallucinating.

يمكنه وصف الصور بتفاصيل رائعة.
لقد أضاف خبرة جادة.
يمكن أن يمنح المحررين فرصة للحصول على أموالهم.
إنها تنمي روح الدعابة. نوعا ما.
يمكن أن يكون سببًا – إلى حد ما.
يمكن أن تفوق الاختبارات الموحدة.
ليس من الجيد مناقشة المستقبل.
ولا تزال هلوسة.

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