GitHub is a web-based platform that hosts software development version control using Git. It also provides features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project. GitHub allows developers to collaborate on projects, showcase their work, and track changes to the codebase. Let’s start with GitHub Tutorial

What exactly does GitHub do? – Github Tutorial

GitHub is a platform that hosts software development projects and version control using Git. It allows developers to collaborate on projects, store and manage their code, track changes to the codebase, and build and maintain a portfolio of their work.

GitHub also offers features such as bug tracking, pull requests, project management, and wikis to support the development process. In addition, GitHub provides a social platform for developers to network and discover new projects and opportunities.

Is GitHub free? – Github Tutorial

Yes, GitHub offers free accounts with unlimited public and private repositories. However, GitHub also offers paid plans for individuals, organizations, and businesses, which provide access to additional features and services.

How do I use GitHub?

GitHub is a platform for version control and collaboration that allows you to store, manage, and track changes to your projects (code, documents, media files, etc.). Here’s how to use GitHub:

  1. Sign up for a GitHub account if you don’t have one.
  2. Create a repository to store your project files.
  3. Upload existing files or add new files to your storage.
  4. Keep track of changes to your files using commits and version control.
  5. Collaborate with others by sharing your storage and granting access.
  6. Discuss and review code changes with other members of your team.
  7. Use branches to test and implement changes to your code.
  8. Merge changes from different branches into the main branch.

These are the basic steps to start using GitHub, but there are many other features and tools that you can explore and utilize as your needs evolve. Source – Github Tutorial