Best of Saudi Green Initiative By Jazan University أفضل مبادرة سعودية خضراء من جامعة جازان

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2 months ago

جامعة جازان Jazan University, represented by the Department of Afforestation and Irrigation plants more than 1,800 trees during the past period. With the aim of increasing the green spaces at Jazan University, as part of the “Saudi Green” initiative.

Hassan bin Hawi Damad, Director of the Landscaping and Irrigation Department at Jazan University, explained that planting trees. Moreover the management increase green areas at the university comes under the directives of the President of Jazan University, Dr. Mari bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, as an extension of the “Saudi Green 2030” initiative aims at preserving the environment.

Rehabilitation of colleges with the gospel -Best of Saudi Green Initiative By Jazan University

In the roundabout of the College of Pharmacy and Tropical Medicine, an area of ​​1,200 square meters plants with gospel. However, an area of ​​1,200 square meters plant at the College of Applied Medical Sciences roundabout. So a part of the Gate 4 roundabout with an area of ​​150 square meters. So a gospel plant in the Roman Theater with an area of ​​1,000 square meters.

The college entrance roundabout underwent rehabilitation. With an area of ​​​​150 meters, planting trees at the entrance to Gate 2 with 40 trees. More planting roses in the administrative tower’s dorms with 35, planting trees and roses in the Abu Arish College complex. Then planting trees and seedlings in the College of Southern Medicine with 45 seed

he Gospel plants At Abu Arish College Complex, and Rehabilitation of the Gospel in the College of Dentistry. ضمن “مبادرة السعودية الخضراء”.. جامعة جازان تزرع أكثر من 1.800 شجرة

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