Best Super Bowl commercials 2023 Everything You Need to know

What is Best Super Bowl commercials? You watch the Super Bowl as much for the commercials as the action on the field.

In fact, if you’re a millennial, it’s darn near 50-50 that you tune in for the ads. Period.

Now you know why some corporations paid in excess of $5 million to hawk their brands for 30 seconds during Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 4, 2018. That didn’t include production costs and all the other expenses that go into making a commercial. You think Anthony Hopkins does this for free?

It wasn’t always this way, of course. In 1967, when the AFL-NFL World Championship Game (as it was known at the time) kicked off at the nearly half-empty Los Angeles Coliseum.

However, the average commercial cost a mere $40,000 for a 30-second spot. As pro football swelled in numbers and popularity, so did its television ratings and impact and ad rates to enormous proportions.

Now advertisers have as much of a stake in this once-in-a-season opportunity as the teams themselves — 103.4 million fans watched Super Bowl LII in a down year — and they go to great (ridiculous?) lengths to leave an indelible impression on us.

How did Super Bowl commercials become such a tradition?

When Master Lock spent its entire advertisement budget on one TV commercial, it featured a rifle marksman shooting a locked pad lock and showing that it stayed locked. Sales of Master Lock increased and when people were asked why they mentioned the commercial.

Ad agencies soon realized that the Super bowl was a fixed day that they knew would be the most watched TV program of the year.

What are the best Super bowl commercial

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