Best Blender Animation Tutorial 2023

by Alexa
6 months ago

Blender animation tutorial : Blender is a great program for learning 3d modeling and animation for students as well as professionals. As it is free and has a great community of developers and artists. But There is a conversation, whether you want to learn just blender animation or complete blender software?

What kind of tutorial are you looking for? depends on the kind you are looking for. There are plenty of good tutorials in You tube by many talented artists.

If you are looking for specific aspect of blender tutorial like “3d scan clean up” might be less, but if you are looking for tutorials in a more general topics as “blender sculpting” you will find plenty. There are some tutorials in blender website and udemy as well.

Blender Fundamentals Tutorial Play list

Assuming that you have a 3d model with good topology flow, you should first master rigging correctly and then move onto animation
Good rigging and animation tutorials can be found on YouTube.

It depends what you want to do. From my experience you can get into Blender quite easily with the tons of tutorial material available in the web. In a day you should be able to create a simple scene with some basic objects with some simple materials and some lighting in a still scene.

It’s actually pretty intuitive! You can animate different parts and then mix them together later using the NLA (Non-Linear Animation) editor. So you can have a separate action for the moving legs and a separate action for the arms and mix them together as you wish. 

What kind of harmonic motion are you talking about? The only Harmonic Motion I know is Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)..

If you want to do that, all you have to do is animate the text with five key frames, copy and paste those key frames in the Dope sheet for the required number of times. The F-Curve is set to Bezier by default (This gives you motion similar to SHM).

Blender is a free open source 3D Software. You can create model, animate, simulate and do most of the things that you find in a paid Autodesk software. You will find lots of tutorial in YouTube that will help you what you seek to make.


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