GPT-4 model Official Disclosure with the Ability to Analyze Images, and Explain the Memes!

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2 weeks ago

OpenAI officially announced its most advanced product so far, the GPT-4 model, whose disclosure came to partially achieve Microsoft’s statement. As the company promised that the new model would arrive in a week, which is what actually happened.

Moreover confirmed that it would be able to analyze and create videos, which was not OpenAI announced among the new features of its new model.

GPT-4 model Official Disclosure with the Ability to Analyze Images, and Explain the Memes!

Overall, GPT-4 isn’t as revolutionary as the leaks would have it. With the company explains that it is “more creative and collaborative than ever” with the potential to solve difficult problems with “greater precision”.

OpenAI also continues to warn of the potential for the new model to “hallucinate” and report false information, or generate violent text.

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Although the company did not confirm the rumor of 100 trillion machine learning coefficients in the GPT-4 model being 500 times more powerful than the GPT-3 model.

However, it only announced an increase in the word limit in the new model to 25,000 words instead of 3,000 in the previous model.

Perhaps the most important addition to the GPT-4 model is the ability to enter images of the model and request analysis. So because it is a “multimedia” model, as previously indicated by the leaks. But the leaks analyze that it will be able to create photos and videos, which is not true.

Still, image analysis looks promising. You can enter any mathematical problem into the GPT-4 model and ask it to find the variable ๐‘ฅ or calculate the area of a triangle.

If you want something more impressive, the OpenAI model can tell you what’s weird or funny about the image. , or even explaining memes.

However, therefore you will not need to write the famous comment โ€œEven laughter made it difficult for usโ€ when you find a meme that you do not understand and want to explain, just go to the new chatbot quietly!

GPT-4 model
GPT-4 Will Make ChatGPT Smarter

Conclusion Tutorial GPT-4 model Official Disclosure

What distinguishes it from ChatGPT, which has the largest number of users worldwide, exceeding 100 million users in one month of its release? is that the previous version of ChatGPT is based on the GPT 3.5 system, which uses 175 billion data.

Besides, there’s not much to talk about in the GPT-4 model. OpenAI’s CEO warned about when he said “people beg to be disappointed and they’ll get it.”

According to the research blog published for the new language model, in one-on-one conversations with In the new model. However, we will notice slight differences compared to the ChatGPT bot based on the GPT-3.5 model.

The research blog also explains that the real difference between the new model and the previous one emerges when faced with a complex task that goes beyond the limits of the previous model.

Thus we expect the GPT-4 model to be less likely to answer incorrectly or succumb to questions that challenge its capabilities than the previous model.

To clarify this, the company added the results of a number of tests that both models performed. We are talking here about difficult tests such as the Bar Exam and the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program.

The results are in favor of GPT-4 by a significant difference. In the first test, the new model got 298โ€Š out of 400 points, while the previous model achieved only 213โ€Š points. Now the question is What is GPT-4 and how will it be used?

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