How to Lose Belly Fat Rapidly - Tutorial Areas

by Alexa
10 months ago

lose belly fat is now the common factor for daily life time. There are so many people faces this problem that they are not able to reduce there belly fat or even they don’t have confidence or guys that they can reduce own weight or not.

So today I will share some tips with you to reduce belly fat.

Get up early in the morning. Then go for running at least 2 km. Then do exercise properly. You can take advice from people to what I exercise I can do . Drink plenty of water . Stop eat fast food. always eat healthy food .If you are free then start gym also .Intake more fabric food or protein food.

How to lose belly fat

1. Stick to regular exercise

When exercising, you can take the exercise principle of “aerobic + anaerobic”.

Alternating aerobic and anaerobic training: After a short period of aerobic exercise, immediately perform a short period of anaerobic training, and then perform a short period of aerobic training, which can effectively consume fat, which is very good for people with abdominal fat. Effect.

For example, 50 double jump rope shakes (double single shake), 50 sit-ups; 40 jump rope double shakes (double single shake), 40 sit-ups; 30 jump rope double shakes (double single shake), 30 sit-ups…until it gets down to 10.

Two points should be noted when doing the above aerobic and anaerobic combined alternating training:

Aerobic diversification: running, elliptical machine, cycling, skipping rope, high leg raises;

Intensity and speed compliance: Regardless of the number of times or the timing, try your best to speed up and do as much as you can. You have to be tough on yourself. You can do 20 reps, but don’t do 19 reps.

In addition to the regular exercises for the whole body, you can also do more exercises for the “core muscles” such as the abdomen and thighs.

For example, plank support or hip bridge, stick to each movement for about 20 seconds, 5 sets as 1 set, do 3~4 sets every day, which will help to lose belly.

2. Adjust the diet structure

The reason why people gain weight is because the energy intake is greater than the energy consumed, and the excess calories will be converted into fat. Therefore, controlling the diet is the first step.

Improve cooking methods. Use less frying, frying, etc., and advocate stewing, boiling, steaming, mixing, etc.

Schedule breakfast at 6:30~8:30, lunch at 11:30~13:30, and dinner at 18:00~19:00. To be attentive when eating, to feel the change in satiety, and to chew slowly, eat breakfast for 15 to 20 minutes, and eat lunch and dinner in about half an hour.

Eat more satiety foods. High-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fungi, fruits, whole grains, etc., can make people feel fuller and are also low-calorie foods.

Choose white meats such as fish, shrimp, and chicken, or lean red meats, which are low in fat and high in protein.

For people with a healthy stomach, you can eat refreshing fresh fruit first, then drink a small bowl of appetizer soup, and then eat vegetable dishes to fill the stomach. Then eat the staple food, and finally eat fish.

3. Change bad posture

Reclining on an office chair, half lying on the sofa, etc., maintaining these seemingly “comfortable” positions for a long time will not only accumulate more fat on the stomach, strain muscles and ligaments, and even affect cardiopulmonary function .

At work and in life, you can maintain a posture of keeping your waist tall and tucked in your abdomen. While exercising your abdominal muscles, it also helps to reduce your waistline;

People who work at a desk with their heads bowed for a long time should get up and move around after half an hour of work;

When walking, keep your head up, your eyes flat, your toes pointed straight ahead, and a natural step; when you stand, your chin is slightly retracted. Your abdomen is slightly tightened, and your center of gravity is slightly forward.


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