Lee Seo-jin on The Game Caterers Highlights BTS’ V Park Seo Joon

Lee Seo-jin’s, also known as Jinny’s Kitchen for non-Korean audiences, is a spin-off of the popular variety show Youn’s Kitchen, which was previously run by award-winning actress Youn Yuh-jung.

Seo Jin’s is helmed by PD Na Young-suk.

The new season features Lee Seo-jin as the new boss, Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-sik, and Jung Yu-mi as the main cast.

The new poster and trailer showcase the Singularity singer as the maknae (youngest) member of the cast in his debut appearance on a variety show outside BTS’ group activities.

BTS’ V dazzles in the new poster and trailer for his debut variety show, Seo Jin’s. BTS fans are happy to see the Singularity singer on the variety show.

The trending keywords include “Taehyung on Seojins,” “Tae on variety show,” and “Taehyung is cooking.”

A similar fate was sought for the cast of the upcoming variety show ‘Seojin’s’ or ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’,

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