Lizzo American Singer What You Need To Know

American singer and body-positive activist, Lizzo, took to her Integral stories to share these sultry videos of herself tweaking for fans. 

It’s upbeat, it’s catchy, she has a good voice, she sings about being self confident and some women find it empowering. Also a lot of it has to do with Lizzo herself; she is friendly-seeming and always smiling and she’s not afraid to wear what she wants and dance around and she is body positive. She’s unproblematic (so far) and overall- Lizzo is a likeable person who makes good pop music.

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#Lizzo flaunts her curves in new bikini photos as she keeps promoting body positivity

American singer, #Lizzo, has constantly earned praises from her fans for always promoting body positivity.

However, I’d like to defend #Lizzo for a sec. A few years ago, I had just been rejected by a girl, and was feeling pretty fucking terrible. It’s very hard to not feel like you’ve somehow failed and are without value when something like that happens. Around that time, I heard Lizzo’s song “Boys”

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