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Mummies – A twisted adventure. Animated Fun: Three mummies – a former princess, a car driver and his brother. Who live a leisurely life in a mysterious underground city in this new animated adventure. But the tranquil existence soon came to an end when the trio and their baby crocodile ended up in modern-day London.

There you go in search of an old ring that was stolen by the archaeologist Lord Carnaby. The chaos is inevitable.

Perfect Addiction Mummy: Movie theater

Sienna Lane (Kiana Madeira) works as a trainer for the brutal sport of Ultimate Fighters (UFC). Her boyfriend Jax (Matthew Noszka) is the reigning champion and luck seems perfect.

Until Sienna finds out Jax is cheating on her with her own sister and her world falls apart.

So the athletic fighter forges a clever revenge plan. Then she trains the only fighter who could ever beat Jax: Kayden (Ross Butler) grew up as an underground fighter. Moreover, She is now being trained by Sienna for the official ring.

But as Sienna and Kayden get closer not only in training but also privately. So the road to the championship title becomes more and more complicated.

Once weightless and back. Youri grew up in the seemingly dreary high-rise complex Cité Gagarine, which was built near Paris in the 1960s. So now comes across as more than desolate. However, when this disastrous environment, which has always meant home for Youri, is to be demolished.

Then he is willing to risk his life if necessary. At his side neighbor Diana and his friend Houssam.

Together they forge a plan for a counterattack – and transform Youri’s apartment into a space station. As it were, as Russia’s space hero Yuri Gagarine once served as the namesake for the residential project near Paris. Mummy

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