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The answer to the question about Phone Hacking. How can your phone be hacked and how to be careful? Please follow the below step to resolve the problem.

Ordinary people, especially those who have done sensitive work including banking or using mobile, are falling prey to cybercrime. That’s why our phone should not be hacked, so we should take some precautions and we will see what those warnings are in this article.

The result If your phone is hacked,

your phone will continue to work slower, your phone will consume more battery than before, your phone may be hot. All these signs can give the impression that the phone has been hacked. However, they can all be together or in different ways.

If your phone is hacked, then obviously it is passing your data to someone else. This means someone is running your phone from somewhere. This can cause your phone to work slower, increase your phone’s battery usage, and cause your phone to overheat. However, these signs can be seen even if the phone has less storage, so please do not panic.

Phone Hacking resolving step by step

First, you check the whole phone, then you can be sure about it.

You may have noticed that older phones slow down as soon as a new model of phone is launched. It is said that in order for people to buy new phones instead of old ones, it has to be done intentionally. By the way, developers who create new updated applications do so for newer phones, to increase security, which can also cause your phone to slow down if your phone is a much older model.

If you are more concerned about viruses on the phone or you want to avoid being hacked, do not hotspot your phone as it may give you root access to the phone, making it difficult for your operating system to use it. I recommend you download apps from the Play Store. If you download the APP file from somewhere else, your phone is more likely to be hacked.

Now there are some such applications from which your phone can be hacked, which are known as spy apps. These spy apps are made for parents. Parents who install it on their child’s phone. Parents use them to monitor their children. Many hackers can take advantage of these to hack the phone, which is wrong and illegal. Its use is to protect children from misguidance and to protect them.

You simply don’t let anyone else install the app on your phone. Because it is very easy to hide after the application is installed and you can’t even uninstall the app if you want, there is a number of time codes to uninstall it.

Phishing attack

There is another method of hacking called a phishing attack. Hackers create websites that look like real websites. As if you are using Facebook and you are posting or receiving messages from somewhere, click on this link and you will get thousands of likes and as soon as you log in to that link your ID and password will be hacked. This way your account is hacked. That’s why I advise you not to click on this kind of link.

Again, if a website replaces HTTP before HTTPS, then you understand that the website is not secured. My advice is don’t visit any such website.

Use public WiFi

One of the most dangerous ways to hack your phone is to use public WiFi. If you use public WiFi, you should first install a good VPN on your device. After that, you can use open and public wifi because after installing it your phone will not be hacked.

Nowadays you must have noticed that charging stations are being installed here and there, chances are it could hack your phone too because you must have seen that when you put the phone on the laptop or computer to charge you have to access the phone data from that device. Such a setting can also be done at charging stations.

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