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by Alexa
1 year ago

Tutorial adobe illustrator for beginners step by step discuss in below. However, Adobe Illustrator helps you to design the log, cartoon, photo, etc as the designer want.

Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

There are a lot of good pointers for tutorials on how to learn Adobe Illustrator. Any one of them is a good starting point. A Gorgeous graphics tool download from the official site of Adobe.

Illustrator is great for creating line art. However, It assists a wide range of graphic design: calligraphy, logos, icons, images, technical arts, and the like. If you want to change the typeface. This is the best tool to use, as is often the case with logos.

Hence, The true value of line art in Illustrator is that it can be scaled up or down to almost any size you need without losing any quality. The sharp corners are sharp and the curves are smooth. The diagonal lines are clear and not jagged.

The key to mastering Illustrator is understanding the pen tool and its variations. It is the main tool for creating and editing vectors that define line art. It’s hard to understand at first, but once you realize it, you’ll be able to easily create perfect curves and angles.

Adobe Illustrator Tool

In a time of starting design in Illustrator, a toolbar you get at the left of the screen includes various tools you need to use while working on your document. Then The tools in the toolbar help you to perform various tasks, such as creating, selecting, and manipulating objects and selecting, typing, painting, drawing, sampling, editing, and moving images.

There are two Toolbar types as the basic and advanced levels.

Category of tools in the Adobe toolbar

The category of the toolbar is here

  • Select
  • Draw
  • Type
  • Paint
  • Modify
  • Navigate

Add and remove tools

To add one tool at a time in the toolbar then drag the tool and drop it at the divider line between the tools

Finally, you will be enabled to design a document for high-quality, curated, royalty-free stock illustrations and vector graphics for all your creative projects from right within Illustrator.



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