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by Alexa
8 months ago

Tutorial for Makeup ! There are many factors as to tips for blondes. You have to consider the level of blonde, the undertone as well as the persons undertone and skin depth.

If a person has very fair skin, blonde hair can make them look a bit washed out especially with more golden/yellow blonde like so

Notice how, without added color to her complexion, the yellowness of the hair can make the skin look a bit dull/washed out. You can combat this by using a banana powder to give some warmth. Warmth in makeup is a good thing with brassy blonde hair.

Since golden blonde hair is very obviously yellow it can make even yellow toned skin look washed out because the hair looks more yellow making the skin look too beige, pale looking or flat. You really need to incorporate added warmth.

Brassy blonde looks great with warm tones like yellow, red, orange types of shades like peach, apricot etc. think gold eyeshadow, champagne, rose gold colors opt for warmer neutral brown eyeshadows

A nice apricot blush can really perk up the skin and really complement everything. Warmer nude lipsticks look better

if you’re darker and have this type of brassy blonde, opt for a warmer foundation or powder to prevent the color from making the skin looking too neutral/flat or swap it for a more neutral blonde.

Tutorial for Makeup for beginner

It’s not so yellow, despite being ash/green undertone, it’s technically cool toned but overall it’s fairly neutral as it’s not overly yellow nor is it super cool toned like silver and I find this type of more neutral blonde pulls off any color, really.

This type of color looks good on most and can really contrast with most undertones and make them look more vivid instead of washed out like the brassy blonde and commonly do.

Warm colors, cool colored eyeshadows, nude lipsticks of any sort. With this blonde just follow your own undertones guide

silvery blonde is much more cool toned like so

Tutorial for Makeup

I find this type looks really good with neutral colors like black, gray, white. This type of blonde can really pull off a dark Smokey eye or thick black eyeliner and cool toned colors like blue toned pinks, purples, blues, dark reds, cool toned blush.

This type of blonde pulls off darker colors better. Brassy blonde, I feel black looks off. Orange, peachy and apricot tends to look a bit too warm kind, of gaudy.

Neutral nudes can look a bit dull so it may be better to opt for a mauvey type of nude

What are some makeup tips by makeup artist? Tutorial for Makeup Beginners

Just keep experimenting and you’ll learn to do great makeup soon and even discover what style works for you.

Do’s for good makeup:

Match your foundation on your face before buying and it should look as natural as possible.
Use a beauty blender for a natural finish.
Use a foundation brush for more coverage but make sure it blends your makeup well and doesn’t leave steaks of the bristles.
If you have oily skin and large open pores, then a silicone based primer might be helpful.
Apply blush in your checks and take it further upwards for a soft blushed look.

Contour is not always necessary and it doesn’t look much natural in person. Instead, you can use a little bronzer or skip it all together. The blush will bring the glow back to your face.

Wash your makeup brushes and sponges every now and then to avoid breakouts.
Do double cleansing to remove your makeup properly.

Don’ts for good makeup: Tutorial for Makeup Beginners

Don’t use a black color to fill your eyebrows. Go for dark brown color, it’s looks the most natural.
Don’t use your blinding highlighter for a natural look. Instead, use a subtle highlighter as it looks natural in person.

Don’t use too much powder or you may end up with a cakey base.
Over lined lips don’t look good in person (my opinion). Don’t go for such over lined lips, try following your natural lip shape.

Don’t use a foundation that’s too dark or light for you. It doesn’t look good.
Don’t overuse any product. A little goes a long way and you can always build it up but it’s difficult to tone down coverage after it’s applied too much.

Don’t share your makeup brushes with anyone and if you share them, then use it after washing to avoid pimples.

I don’t prefer sharing my lipsticks with anyone. You should also try not to share your lipstick with everyone (1 or 2 person is fine if you’re ok with it)
I hope you’ll find this tips helpful for Tutorial for Makeup Beginners.


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