Webflow Website Builder Review - Tutorial Areas

by Alexa
2 years ago

Webflow website builder is an excellent tool that combines powerful CMS features with those of the more classic website builders. Here I will discuss about webflow web builder tips and easy introduction about this fantastic tool.

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Webflow Website Builder tutorial

1. Add text to the about page

Noted that your homepage setting is completing, let’s move on to some of the inside pages for this website. I’m going to start by making an About page. Now we are working with the free version of Webflow. However we have a restricted feature as to how many pages we can make for this website. So what we’re going to need to do is respective pages that already exist.

So just we can get a sense of how this works rather than making a new page from scratch. Now I’m going to start by going over here to my pages and you’ll see these are all the pages that come with this particular template. that we’re working with. I’m going to go to the About static page, and open it up and this is what I’m going to see.

As we have some text here and some big pictures. We have some more text and more text and boxes and and we have all these people down here on the bottom and then a Get Started in the footer down here at the bottom.

2. Add an image to the about page

Now that I’ve got the text on the About page, the next thing I’d like to add is an image. And then of course we have to make sure that that image is going to work across all of our various devices.

3. Configure the contact page and form

We just need to configured the about page and all of the changes that we made there to that layout and that design will be reflected here on the contact page..

4. Add a background image to the contact page

If Contact page is functioning really well but what I’d like to do is I’d like to add that gorgeous cupcake picture behind this pink banner so it looks a little bit different than my About page does.

5. Troubleshoot text changes

You have to make demand all the way through to all the things that you’re going to change. So what I would recommend that you do at this point in time is to decide which one is going to be quote normal or regular, and then we’re going to modify the other one.

6. Publish your Webflow site

Since we are creating website with a free account for Webflow, this will only publish to a webflow.io domain. If you want to get your own, custom domain associated with this, you’ll need to look in to some of the subscription offerings that Webflow offers.Finally Publish your Webflow site.

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Webflow Website Builder Review

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