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Zwigato Movie Review: Small-screen superstar Kapil Sharma made his film debut with the Abbas-Mustan directorial Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. It was a comedy film, so Kapil Sharma’s reputation did not suffer much damage.

Zwigato Movie Review: At a glance Overview

 Then he himself made his second film, ‘Firangi’. This film faded the essence of Kapil’s artistry. After six years, Kapil Sharma has again gathered courage and is once again in front of the audience through Nandita Das’s film ‘Zwigato’. 

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He is in the role of a delivery boy, director Nandita Das claims that Kapil Sharma’s appearance is that of a common man, and that’s why he gave Kapil a chance in the film. The film ‘Jvigato’ is Nandita Das’s third film as a director and Pil Sharma’s third film as an actor.

During the Corona epidemic, such an economic market prevailed all over the world that many people lost their jobs. Our country has also not remained untouched by this. 

Whoever got the work for a living, did it. Most of the people working in multinational companies became delivery boys. On this subject, Nandita Das has made the film ‘Zwigato’ with Kapil Sharma. 

He is a manager of a watch company, and after leaving the job, he starts working as a delivery boy. His Wife Pratima wants him to do some work too. Both have two children, studying in school. There is also an old mother at home. 

Now there is a job struggle on one side. On the other side are the responsibilities of the family and the story of the film ‘Zwigato’ grinds between these two sides.

If director Nandita Das appears to be unsuccessful in the film ‘Zwigato’, it is because she could not able to capture the feelings of a lower-middle-class family in a real way on the screen. 

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The subject of the film ‘Zwigato’ is such that it needed a lot of research but the film moves forward very superficially. 

First of all, the film beats on the level of the story. Then there is no depth in the screenplay of the film. Apart from this, the director being amazed by the aura of his lead actor also weighs heavily on the film ‘Zwigato’. 

Had Nandita spent a few days with the food delivery boys, had she understood their mood swings closely, there is no doubt that this film could have been a better film.

Prior to ‘Zwigato’, Nandita Das directed films like ‘Firaaq’ and ‘Manto’. These films may not have been commercially successful, but these films definitely appreciated at the international level.

 At least those films had a story, but in ‘Zwigato’ neither the story nor the screenplay is known. From the first scene to the last scene of the film, there was no such thing that could appeal to the audience.

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After watching the entire film, I could not understand one thing what was the justification for the train scene shown by Nandita Das in the film? Train scenes come in two places in the film in which Kapil Sharma is shown traveling. 

When the train scene came for the first time, it seemed that this scene would have some meaning in the story ahead.

Kapil Sharma made his debut in films with the film ‘Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon’ directed by Abbas Mustan (real name Mustan). The second film ‘Firangi’ was also a flop. It believes that by going to Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, film actors have a direct dialogue with the audience.

 But those who promote their films on this show forget that he is just a puppet on this stage, whose strings are Kapil It is in the hands of Sharma. Cinema owner Manoj Desai clearly says that these shows harm the stardom of film actors the most and the same is happening now with Kapil Sharma in the film ‘Zwigato’. 

To overcome the image of comedy, he seems to be trying to become a common man, but if he had seen Rajesh Khanna’s film ‘Bawarchi’ once for this, he would have understood what is the spontaneity of a common man. 

Yes, in the role of the wife, Shahana Goswami has done complete justice to her role. The film also stars Gul Panag, Swanand Kirkire, and Sayani Gupta, but none of their characters seem to be in sync with the original story.

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