How To Video Call On Android - Tutorial Areas

by Alexa
6 months ago

Video call on Android related all important quire and tips has been experienced in this tutorial areas. However, if you have any quires or others please comments.

The first one is the provider/app you are using records the video call and gives you a history of the recorded call. But no one does this. However, I don’t know why. Because it would be great if you record videos calls from WhatsApp for memories.

But since you asked about Android mobile phone, technically YES you can do it, you can create an app that records a video call on WhatsApp, Facebook and every other video call by simply recording the screen.

The only possible way of doing it in Android (the only possible way), and you can edit the recorded video after by resizing it to have only the spot where the video call is displayed.

If you have some background on Android development. let me point you straight to where you should start to make an app that records video call.

The new Media Projection API that was added in Android API 21 can let you record a screen, there are some example on google, 5 lines of code and you get it working.

The only challenge or maybe perk is that there is no way to detect an incoming video call from WhatsApp or other apps, the user needs to starts the call recording manually from your app.

Android can do video calls

Nowadays making a video call is much easier as these options are directly available over social media applications.

In today’s socially distant times, building a robust video communication system is utterly essential for businesses to collaborate efficiently and interact with their customers.

There are so many apps and software for video calling available in the market, which makes it difficult to select one. There are some simple apps that are really easy to use. The applications are as follows-


This one is the trending application for Video Calls especially for Corporate meetings.

Google Meet

This one is also mostly used for corporate meetings as well as casual group Video Calls.

WhatsApp launched video call feature over lower data speed which is mostly useful for people to do nvideo calls.

Instagram was the first social media application who launched Video Call feature and then other platforms implemented the same. In my opinion go for Zoom or WhatsApp for Video Calls.

How do you video call without using the Internet on an Android?

Things you need for video call without using the internet on Android. JIO network on both the device the caller and the receiver. Android Phone with VOLTE support on for both caller and receiver.
How to do ?

  • Call as normally you do.
  • Now click on the Video Call option been displayed after the call is connected.
  • The other person will get a Pop Up display to switch to Video.
  • Ask the other person to click OK button.
  • That’s it! Simple isn’t it.

The best Android application for video calling

Facebook Messenger:

A lot of your friends must be on Facebook but only a few of them know if it allows video calling. Facebook has been rendering its services for free and kept it the same way while offering the video calling.


By using the latest programming technologies imo to help you make video calls in real time from any part of the world. So Imo doesn’t charge you anything to let you talk to your friends and family and see them talking to you. Imo works over 4G, 3G and on any reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Google Duo:

You don’t have to be a geek to operate GD. You can simply log in, verify your mobile number and make headway. Google Duo is said to be an answer to Apple’s Face Time. Knock-Knock feature of this app lets you know, what someone’s up to before you answer the call.


it has ruled the world before other apps jumped in. The design may not be perfect but the total number of people know about it, is the actual strength of this application.


You can call anyone on your contact list who is on Viber without paying anything. Its free and allows you to chat with your friends too. Hence Viber offers a huge collection of funny emoji and GIFs to go with your chat sessions.


However, its one of the most popular video calling apps on Play Store. The beneficial part of using this app is the higher probability that the person whom you want to talk would have this app on his smartphone too.


This app allows video calling over 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi connection and you can switch from video calling to just voice calling without hanging up. However, This app has a whopping 380 Million users worldwide and available on all the major OS platforms.


JusTalk uses your Facebook’s credential to validate your account and lets you connect to your friends. It offers group video calling, free calling, doodling and games in video chat. So if you’re not looking for an app that comes with a package of multiple things which you don’t require. JusTalk is made for you.


It still has some cool features which other apps don’t offer like avatars and masks. If you’re looking for something good with great reliability, Tango should be your choice. Sometimes old is gold!


OoVoo allows a group video chatting of up to 12 people simultaneously, making it the favorite over other apps. You can make 5 of your friends in your speed dial and use its real-time filters.


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