iPhone 14 & 15 series battery

iPhone 14 & 15 Series Battery Review

Did you know why the iPhone 14 & 15 series battery degrade faster? Here is the iPhone 14 & 15 Series Battery configuration it’s a high-density battery.

original iP12 PM = 3687 MaH
3rd party iP12 PM = 4350 MaH

same/similar capacity on iP13, 14 & 15
but iP13 PM battery is both high density & high-quality cells.  Learn 15 Tips to Make Your iPhone 15’s Battery Last Longer

Talking about Lithium,

Most phones especially flagship use 800 cycles. Some BBK group phones like Find X, Vivo X, Realme GT 240W, and OP use more advanced self-healing 1600 cycles. Moreover, 500-600 cycle batteries are usually used in high-performance products such as 300W power bank cuktech no.30.

Which uses a Samsung 21700 battery portable vacuum cleaner, blender, or any handheld/portable appliance with over 100W minimum up to 30A / 20V per battery 18650 & 21700 cells are commonly used.

How about something bigger / electric vehicles? They used 800-cycle cells

The best high-performance battery exists on Vespa Elettrica, made by LG chem. 1000 cycles. The problem is iPhone isn’t a high-performance { 100W+ } product so having 600 cycles isn’t acceptable.

iPhone 14 & 15 Series Battery Review

Apple has to cost to bring big upgrades on the iP14 without increasing the price, this is another factor besides the price decline, on why Apple could keep a stable price despite the upgrade.

Fun fact, a recent iPhone battery used recycled cobalt as cathode recycling and used cobalt back to battery grade actually the same or even costs more than buying a high quality 800+ cycle cells.

However, most of Apple’s revenues are from services. so that makes sense if the certain parts in their products that
easily replaceable will break better as long as it’s not displayed & other important parts that disturb everyday usage

I don’t know about the environment, carbon neutrality, or whatever it is. But downgrading battery life and recycling them back doesn’t fix this issue. Can’t we make a better world without burdening the customers?
now that’s called commitment, not business

Can’t only blame Apple, though. Every brand costs certain parts that are not noticeable, way down to chip level

Some examples of chip levels

Zenfone 9 removed dual L45 Cirrus audio card from Zenfone 8 Z8 clearly sounds better & most likely louder

There are about 30-50 chips on a flagship smartphone, excluding other parts that could be cut/nerfed. So it’s really hard to notice what’s missing. This would involve a lot of experts from each field to review them professionally

Did you know coppers are effective in spreading heat and they cost really little? The cost of the cooling system is also not acceptable. If you need a reference, try Arctic Shark Copper graphene. So, it’s a big plate 0.5mm thick and only $5, that’s not even the BoM price.

Justifying a small graphite pad on a $1000+ flagship was just fanboying too much at this level a big & proper cooling system on a phone barely costs $4 just like Chinese brands, even their low-end phones have bigger cooling than global flagships

Anyway, spec sheets shown in a product are mostly just 20-30%/highlight of their full specifications
that just funny if someone acts like they know everything by just reading Gsmarena / official spec pages

I’ve never seen a website that listed every single detail on a phone
I don’t think anyone will


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