What Is GPT-4 | How Will It Be Used| Difference Between GPT-4 And ChatGPT

GPT-4 is the latest version of OpenAI’s AI Language Model System. However, an AI algorithm is programmed to write like a human. Moreover, It is trained to predict the next word in a sentence by taking large amounts of text from the Internet and finding patterns through trial and error.

In addition, GPT-4 can now create any image, research, write a movie, and even generate highly complex code in just a few seconds, all with greater accuracy and faster time.

What Is GPT-4 | How Will It Be Used| Difference Between GPT-4 And ChatGPT

According to the company, the exact usage cap will be adjusted “depending on demand and performance of the system in practice.”

It will also be integrated into some other product and technical releases, whether for the company or various applications. For example, Microsoft announced today that its Bing chat bot actually uses a version of GPT-4 to run the bot.

To use it, it is available to ChatGPT Plus users, and from it. Then the person writes any text he wants to talk about or solve a problem. GPT-4 model Official Disclosure with the Ability to Analyze Images, and Explain the Memes!

What Is GPT-4
What Is GPT-4 | How Will It Be Used| Difference Between GPT-4 And ChatGPT

Now need to know about What is the difference between GPT-4 and ChatGPT?

Since last November, ChatGPT has spread around the world to be the most popular application with 100 million users in one month, which caused a sensation in the technical arena. For his ability to converse smoothly or write articles or computer code, most notably long conversations about something.

The system was built on ChatGPT on the basis of a large language model called GPT-3.5, which is an earlier version of the technology. But with us, it became clear that it was broken at some points. Most notably answers that were not correct or appropriate.

While GPT-4, according to the company’s live broadcast. It will be able to have a greater accuracy level for its breadth of information capacity. However, It will have the ability to pass and pass 90% of the Uniform Bar Exam, which is the certification test for lawyers. The company also said that it’s 82 percent less likely than GPT-3.5 to respond to queries for “disallowed content,” making it safer.

The video also pointed out that GPT-4 can accept longer text inputs than its predecessors. However, it can ingest and produce up to 25,000 words, compared to 3,000 for ChatGPT. During that time, OpenAI said it was trained to be safer and more realistic.


“It’s a system that can make dreams. More ideas flourish in the text in front of you,” said an OpenAI employee in the company’s video ad. He also added that the system can also answer questions based on what the image depicts. However, this ability will not be available to the public immediately, but rather after a period of processing.

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