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by Alexa
8 months ago

JavaScript is basically known as a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web page interactive. HTML and CSS are languages that give structure and style to web pages. Whereas JavaScript gives web pages interactive elements that engage a user. However talking about the uses of JavaScript they are listed down below:-

  • Adding interactive behavior to the webpage.
  • Creating web and mobile apps.
  • Building web servers and developing server applications.
  • Game development.

As a beginner you will also ask how to write JavaScript code? You can use your windows notepad, or you can download notepad++ which is a very good editor.

However, the best Editor according to me would be Visual Studio Code which is very lightweight just 45 MB in size, and very-very powerful too. It is totally free of cost and runs on every operating system – windows, linux & mac.

What should be covered on the Beginners level of JavaScript

The topics which you should cover are –

1. JavaScript Syntax – #JavaScript Syntax

2. Variables – #JavaScript Variables

3. Data Types – #JavaScript Data Types

4. Operators – #JavaScript Operators

5. Arithmetic Operations – JavaScript Arithmetic

6. Assignment – JavaScript Assignment

7. JS Output – JavaScript Output

8. Objects – JavaScript Objects

Examples of JavaScript Programmers for Beginners

I would also like to list some programmes which Beginners should implement.

1. Create a program – Firstly where user inputs 2 int values in 2 input boxes and you display the greatest of them on the alert box, when a button is clicked.

2. Create a program–  where user enters a number in a text box and you should display its table (unto 10) on a div. The table need to created on the button click event. Also prevent user to enter string on the text box (give appropriate error on alert box when input is string).

3. Create a small form for Job Application. So It should have 5 fields – name, age, education, address and expected salary. These 5 fields should have HTML controls where user enter his/her information. However, there should be a button which on clicking shown the user information on a div controls.

4. Finding whether a number is prime number or not.

5. Create a calculator with common function – add, subtract, divide & multiply

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